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Aerospace has been one of the primary industries driving the advances and practical application of FEA for nearly four decades. Predictive engineering for aerospace products is usually focused on guiding the developing design to a high-performance, minimum weight solution. Precision and confidence in this task requires well-defined material properties and loads, capable analysis tools and seasoned analysts.

For nearly 30 years Gladstone Engineering’s principal and CEO, Dr. Jeff Gladstone, has applied his structural analysis expertise to the rocket propulsion sector of the aerospace industry. He has held lead structural engineering roles in the development of flight-proven hardware such as the propulsion system for the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft, which is currently resting on the asteroid Eros, and the all-composite solid rocket booster for the Atlas V launch vehicle.




Aerospace Clients

Scaled Composites
Virgin Galactic
Valley Tech Systems
HITCO Carbon Composites
Digital Solid State Propulsion

Example Projects

Atlas V Solid Rocket Booster
SpaceShipTwo Rocket Motor
Atlas V SRB Nose Fairing